Join us in a gender exploration.
Episode 23: Informed Consent for Access to Trans Health (ICATH)

Gendercast Episode 23:  Informed Consent for Access to Trans Health (ICATH), Interview with Calvin Burnap and A. Canelli

Join Gendercast for an interview with Seattle-based trans advocates and therapists, Calvin Burnap and A. Canelli, who will discuss the informed consent model for accessing trans health and their local and collaborative ICATH project.  Our discussion will cover the importance of self-actualization and autonomy in decision-making (and therapy), rejection of using Gender Identity Disorder (GID) and pathologizing trans* people accessing hormomes or surgery, and the non-proprietary philosophy of ICATH.

Guest Bios

Calvin Burnap is a queer and trans therapist of color in Seattle, Washington, praciticing within a framework of collective healing and empowerment.  He has been wrking as a service provider since 2007 and frames his work towards the liberation of queer and trans people of all ages and expressions of gender.

Canelli is a trans/queer therapist who is also a trans and queer advocate.  Canelli's work is based in Seattle, Washington, but liberation work is portable and can traverse many spaces. 


ICATH website and ICATH facebook page and a recent article about Informed Consent

ICATH providers page, including links to Canelli, and Calvin in Seattle and Talcott* in Olympia

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) website and the Version 7 Standards of Care that were referenced

Some information on Gender Identity Disorder and the facebook petition to remove it from the DSM-V

The Howard Brown Health Center in Chicago that Calvin mentioned and the THinC program for Transgender Health

An article Sean references about the 2002 paper from the International Journal of Transgenderism about how low post-operative regret is amongst trans* folks

*[we apologize for mis-pronouncing Talcott's name]

Check-in Links

Out of Office, the Original Plumbing article Jessie references for Workplace Woes

The Chicago ordinance we mentioned and the article in Stuff Queer People Need to Know 

Join Gendercast for our workshop at 2:15 on Thursday, May 31, 2012 at the Philly Trans Health Conference, which is May 31-June 1

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Episode 22: What IS Masculinity Anyway?

Gendercast Episode 22: What IS Masculinity Anyway?  

Join Jesse and Sean as they* muddle through exploring what masculinity means [and just in case you're wondering - we don't know, nor do we figure it out] and navigating it in the world.  They will discuss the Tarheels and Transfags article to get started and historical butch lesbian/dyke masculinity vs. trans* and genderqueer masculinity coming from being assigned female at birth.   Exploring masculinity through taking hormones, internal gender identity and [perceived] gender expression are some of the terrain they cover. 

*This is a more personal episode for your gendercast hosts and they only speak from their own experiences/narratives.  


Check out our new web url

Crappy wiki definition for masculinity so you can see for yourself

The Tarheels and Transfags article by Joshua Bastian Cole we discuss from Beyond Masculinity: Essays by Queer Mean on Gender and Politics and their itunes link here for the articles via podcast

The FAQ: Gay Men and Gay FtMs Redux article from Not Another Aiden: Life of a Non-Standard Gay (trans)Guy where the sissyphobia concept was raised

The Charles Asher video about The Binds of Masculinity

The What Real Men Do youtube video we reference

MAKE A MAN OUT OF YOU! youtube video

Ira Gray's Transgender (Mis)Education article

The Trans Infighting youtube video (it may now be login protected)

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Episode 21: Transmisogyny: Interview with Tobi Hill-Meyer

Gendercast Episode 21: Transmisogyny: Interview with Tobi Hill-Meyer

Join Gendercast for our interview with Tobi Hill-Meyer as she so eloquently discusses transmisogyny, language about gender, analyses on the word *transmasculine and creates new meaning(s), pronouns, and her experiences at both Michfest and the Butch Voices national conference as a trans woman.   She'll tell us all about her unique narrative, being raised by second-wave feminist parents, and expands categories beyond the limits of a binary narrative of being socialiazed according to one's sex assigned at birth.   Also, there's a nice smutty treat for you at the end of the episode, compliments of BB Rydell.

Episode Links

Tobi also talks about some of her projects, including:

Handbasket Productions and Tobi's tumblr and her Girl Talk 2011 performance

her zine, Trans Sexuality: A Safe Sex Guide for Trans People and Their Partners

her film, Genderfellator

her article What Transmisogyny Looks Like in the Bilerco Project

the Brazen safe sex guide for Trans women Tobi mentions

the No More Apologies: Queer Trans and Cis Women Coming/Cumming Together! conference Tobi tell us about (this fb event for the conference in is the past, but has all the info)


The Gender Ternery: Understanding Transmisogyny blog post from A Radical TransFeminist (when I said fuck the patriarchy, I didn't mean it literally) we reference

Julia Serano's book The Whipping Girl

Check-in Links

The Genderfellator

If you liked his closing piece, also check out BB Rydell's film Robin Hood is So Gay

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Episode 20:  Trans Healthcare Part 2 of our Interview with Jennifer Jones-Vanderleest, MD

Gendercast Episode 20: Trans Healthcare and the Medically Assigned Binary, Part 2 of our Interview with Jennifer Jones-Vanderleest, MD

Join us for the second half of our interview with Dr. Jennifer Jones-Vanderleest. 


The Organizing for Transgender Healthcare: A Guide for Community Clinic Organizing and Advocacy from the Transgender Law Center (based in California)

Check-in Links

Transgender in the Workplace: Are People Ready for This? article from Transbliss

City of Seattle Race and Social Justice Initiative conference Jessie reports out on

Why there's no such thing as "Reverse Racism" article we discussed

Sweden keeps forced sterilization law for trans people article from Feministing and a youtube response to it called A Message of Love in Stockholm, Sweden

Massachusetts transgender equality law and don't forgot that public accomodations (bathrooms) are NOT included, see this FAQ

You Don't Get to Tell us When to Be Offended, Rupaul, Rebecco Juro's article in response to Rupaul's use of the word "tranny"

Hot Trans Guys


Brown Boi Project 2012 Application form 

February 5, 2012 Make The Things: A Card Making Party for Prisoners facebook event 

February 25, 2012 "We Are Family" Community Roundtable on the Queer Host Home Model facebook event

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Episode 19: Trans Healthcare Part 1, Interview with Jennifer Jones-Vanderleest, MD

Gendercast Episode 19:  Trans Healthcare and the Medically Assigned Binary, Interview with Jennifer Jones-Vanderleest, MD

Join us for Part 1 of our interview with transhealthcare provider Dr. Jennifer Jones-Vanderleest.  This interview will be aired in two separated podcast episodes chock-full of great information about both trans specific healthcare and primary care for trans individuals encompassing any sex assigned at birth. 

Jennifer Jones-Vanderleest MD, MPH. Speciality Family Medicine 

Links Jennifer mentions

Southern Arizona Gender Alliance

University of California San Francisco Center for Excellence in Transgender Health

TransYouth Family Allies

Family Acceptance Project

Vancouver Coastal Health Transgender Health Program

Transgender Veterans of America

Check in Links

January Seattle Spit Featuring rogue pinay!! on Thursday, January 12, 2012

Debauchery on Thursday, January 19, 2012

Broken Bodies, PBP" & "Under 1 Nation: Zulu & Krip-Hop on February 10 and 11, 2012 at University of Washington

The Queer Art of Failure by Judith "Jack" Halberstam and a youtube video of Jack talking about the book

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Episode 18:  Gendercast Year One In Review

Gendercast Episode 18: Gendercast Year One in Review

Join Sean and Jessie as they discuss the first year of Gendercast podcasting. The discussion will cover many topics including trans representation in mainstream and independent media; activist communities and making mistakes as they learn; pronoun navigation; language and labels; and reaching out to other communities.  They will also discuss upcoming Gendercast internship positions, which will be available soon and will be posted on the gendercast website.

Jessie and Sean want to thank YOU for listening, learning with us, writing in, interacting on facebook and for any discussions Gendercast might have opened or reignited for you and your communities.  We look forward to bringing you so much more dialogue and hearing more from you in 2012!

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Episode 17:  Brown Boi Project

Gendercast Episode 17:  Brown Boi Project Interview with B. Cole, Project Director

Join Sean for his interview with Cole from the Brown Boi Project, a community of masculine of center women, men, two-spirit people, transmen, and our allies committed to transforming our privilege of masculinity, gender, and race into tools for achieving Racial and Gender Justice. See Cole's bio here.  We are so excited to have had this opportunity to talk with Cole about the Brown Boi Project, the new health guide they created, Freeing Ourselves: A Guide to Health and Self Love for Brown Bois (one of many articles here, purchase here), reflections on the Butch Voices conference, and a very important topic for Gendercast - reaching out to communities of color.  Thank you Cole!

Warning: at about 14 minutes thru 17 minutes some mic reverb was picked up so please adjust audio volume around this time. This episode was not recorded with our usual equipment and we had some issues with the sounds quality.

Check-in Links

Gendercast has created the facebook event page for the Trans Bodies, Trans Selves forum we are hosting in Seattle on Monday, December 12, please join us!  See the book outline here, what a great opportunity to inform a book about us BEFORE it is published!

The Seattle Quickball tournament was a huge success!  Over 250 people participated and they earned over $5,000 for the Reteaching Gender and Sexuality campaign

LGBTQ Allyship, a Seattle-based social and economic justice organization (see episode 15) is looking for board members!  Contact Debbie Carlsen at

The US Department of Health and Human Services Region 10 listening session for LGBT issues, contact if you want more information on the priorities or other information from they provided.

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Episode 16:  Bisexuality and the Binary or Are We Queer?

Gendercast Episode 16:  Bisexuality and the Binary or Are We Queer?  Interview Panel from Across the Spectrum with Maddox, Caila and Amy

Join us for a great interview panel dialogue about sexuality with three guests who represent a continuum of sexual identities present in the trans community and in those who are interested in us.  We will explore bisexual, queer and pansexual identities and how these identities are part of moving through the world of relationship with trans people and others.  Maddox and Caila will discuss the political aspects of their queer and bisexual identities and elements thereof.  This episode topic came out of a blog post Jessie and Sean ran across entitled, Words, Binary and Biphobia, or: why "bi" is binary but "FTM" is not from the blog Radical Bi: Love, rage and pride.

Maddox was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He spent much of his life the theatre, and did a brief stint in New York where he studied at an acting conservatory. While in college in San Francisco, he worked doing HIV/AIDS prevention, organizing workshops for survivors of sexual abuse, and facilitated workshops on dating violence prevention, transgender sensitivity. He worked on developing the Gender Diversity Project Resource for Educators, which provides tools for teachers wishing to make their curriculum and classrooms more inclusive for gender variant students. He is currently attending Seattle University, earning his Masters in Psychology. When he can find spare time and energy, he is also a painter and crafter.

Caila is passionate about many things including sex positivity, cooking, dog parks, exercise and volunteerism.  She is happy to be living in Seattle and to work with various agencies who promote equality and the worth of all humans.  She is thankful to Sean and Jessie for the opportunity to share and for their creating this great podcast. 

Amy has a zest for living life full out, with passion, and an open, honest, transparent heart.  A creative, multi-talented diva, Amy loves each day as a new opportunity to craft and manifest the life she dreams of!


Some differences and similarities between bisexuality and pansexuality, another post from Bi Radical related to this topic

What Queerness Means To Me blog post from Tranarchism

Queer vs. bi identity from

Bisexuality does not reinforce the gender binary from The Scavenger

The essay on heteropatriarchy that Maddox references is Heteropatriarchy and the Three Pillars of White Supremacy: Rethinking Women of Color Organizing by Andrea Smith from the blog Love Harder: Women of Color Working it Out

Check-in Links

Occupy Seattle website and the Queering Occupy Wall Street facebook group

Trans Bodies, Trans Selves website and facebook page

November 21, 2011 at 7 pm, Dean Spade's book reading at Elliot Bay Books for his new book, Normal Life: Administrative Violence, Critical Trans Politics, and the Limits of Law

November 18, 2011 at 8 pm is the Bent's 11th Annual Mentor Showcase featuring Storme Webber


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SPECIAL EDITION:  Heart Breaks Open Interview and SLGFF 2011

Gendercast:  SPECIAL EDITION  Heart Breaks Open and Three Dollar Bill Cinema Interviews

Join us for a special film edition!  Listen in to our interview with Jason Plourde, Programming Director of Three Dollar Bill Cinema, producers of the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, as we discuss some of the films in the festival this year with a flavor or flair of gender, trans, intersex and queer.  There are so many to see and we hope Seattle folks can make it out to the festival October 14-23, 2011 at various theaters around Seattle.

Then join us for our HEART BREAKS OPEN interview, a film about queer life, public health and community accountability.  Samonte Cruz, who plays Johnny, and Basil Shadid, producer of the film talk about the way the film was made; the actors were also writers as each brought their own life experience to the development of their characters.  We also hear from Basil and Samonte about the different elements of the film, including what happens when different identities play up against each other, such as cis gay men in relationships with transmen/transfags. 


Three Dollar Bill Cinema and The 2011 Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

Heart Breaks Open website and trailer, facebook and tickets here (shows October 18th at the Egyptian, 7:15 pm) for the Seattle premiere (reception after film at Purr)

Gun Hill Road trailer and article in Colorlines, tickets here (shows October 20th at the Admiral, 9:30 pm)

Spork website and trailer

Trailers and Tickets for...

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Episode 15:  What Does it Mean to be an Ally?

Gendercast Episode 15:  What Does it Mean to be an Ally?  Interview with Debbie Carlsen, Director of LGBTQ Allyship

"Allyship is about growth...and humanizing each other" [from Debbie's interview]

Join us for an important interview with Debbie Carlsen, founder and Director of LGBTQ Allyship; a Seattle-based non-profit organization focused on organizing around social and econnomic justice issues facing the LGBTQ community.  Debbie discusses the mission of Allyship, which is that all oppressions are interconnected and there is a possibility of a world free of oppression and the liberation of all people.  Debbie has been organizing in Seattle since 1995 and talks about allyship as "a lifelong learning cycle of learning about others' perspectives" and hopes to organize deeper in coalition with other communities. Sean also interviews Seattle's own Ruby Rouge the producer of Pink Taco which takes place every first Tuesday at the Wildrose.

Links/Event Links

Pink Taco! - the next event on October 4, 2011 at the Wildrose bar in Seattle at 9pm

Allyship's A Case for Queer Medicine/ Last Queerly Classed Discussion Series is October 5, 2011, more info on the facebook event here

Theproducerscollective Seattle is putting on the  Queer It Yourself: Be It, Do It, Make It Conference on October 8, 2011 from 10 am to 5 pm.  Then that evening they are hosting two queer variety shows as part of the conference (7pm and 9pm), facebook event here

The Grammy U Kick Off Power Mixer at the Vera Project in Seattle is October 6, 2011 at 6 pm

The big queer kickball tournament, Dirtyfall Quickball, benefitting Reteaching Gender and Sexuality is Sunday, October 16, 2011 at 11 am at Seattle University, see the Gendercast team and come to the event!

The Seattle premiere of the film Heart Breaks Open is Tuesday, October 18, 2011 at 7:15 pm at the Egyptian, tickets here

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