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Episode 21: Transmisogyny: Interview with Tobi Hill-Meyer

Gendercast Episode 21: Transmisogyny: Interview with Tobi Hill-Meyer

Join Gendercast for our interview with Tobi Hill-Meyer as she so eloquently discusses transmisogyny, language about gender, analyses on the word *transmasculine and creates new meaning(s), pronouns, and her experiences at both Michfest and the Butch Voices national conference as a trans woman.   She'll tell us all about her unique narrative, being raised by second-wave feminist parents, and expands categories beyond the limits of a binary narrative of being socialiazed according to one's sex assigned at birth.   Also, there's a nice smutty treat for you at the end of the episode, compliments of BB Rydell.

Episode Links

Tobi also talks about some of her projects, including:

Handbasket Productions and Tobi's tumblr and her Girl Talk 2011 performance

her zine, Trans Sexuality: A Safe Sex Guide for Trans People and Their Partners

her film, Genderfellator

her article What Transmisogyny Looks Like in the Bilerco Project

the Brazen safe sex guide for Trans women Tobi mentions

the No More Apologies: Queer Trans and Cis Women Coming/Cumming Together! conference Tobi tell us about (this fb event for the conference in is the past, but has all the info)


The Gender Ternery: Understanding Transmisogyny blog post from A Radical TransFeminist (when I said fuck the patriarchy, I didn't mean it literally) we reference

Julia Serano's book The Whipping Girl

Check-in Links

The Genderfellator

If you liked his closing piece, also check out BB Rydell's film Robin Hood is So Gay

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