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Episode 31: Pinkwashing

Gendercast Episode 31:  PINKWASHING, interview with Selma Al-Aswad

Join Jesse for an interview with local Seattle queer palestinian activist, Selma, for an incredible overview about Selma's analyses of the queer art of discernment applied to the Israeli occupation, colonization and apartheid of Palestinian lands and society, that has been happening for over 60 years (see this Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 101).  

Selma will take us through how Pinkwashing, a co-opting of mainstream gay culture as a means to present Israel as a progressive and gay-friendly nation, works in order to draw attention away from the occupation and oppression happening to Palestinian people -- queer and trans* palestenian people, who are living occupation and violent enforcement of borders.  As you listen, it will become clear why this episode is so important for all queer and trans* people as well as our allies.

Guest Bio

Selma is a queer Palestinian living in the diaspora committed to connecting queer and Palestinian anti-occupation struggles in her home community in the Pacific Northwest. Utilizing media to discuss queer contemporary issues, Selma is a part of the Reteaching Gender & Sexuality campaign and seeks to highlight the inextricable link between reteaching gender and sexuality with breaking down borders and binaries of all kinds.  She works as a community advocate for The Northwest Network, supporting queer survivors of dating and domestic violence.


Palestinian Queers for BDS

Pinkwatching Israel



Jewish Voice for Peace - Seattle Chapter 

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