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Episode 38: On-site Interviews from the Philly Trans Health Conf 2013

Gendercast Episode 38: INTERVIEWS from attendees of the 2013 Philadelphia Trans Health Conference.

Gendercast is so excited that we got to talk to some of YOU!  Join Gilligan and Jesse for a series of on-site interviews live from the 2013 Philly Trans Health Conference. We chatted with about 16 of you on the mic and learned about some great work happening out there, some reflections on the conference itself and about some of the workshops that were offered.  We heard about books you're writing, films you're making, community organizing and activism you are doing, services you are offering and events in the conference.  THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE THAT GOT ON THE MIC!

[if you like the music between interviews, please check out amazing trans artist, Rae Spoon!]

Gendercast Mini-Interview Questions

1. Name, where from, identities you'd like to share?

2. What kind of work do you do in your hometown (activist, community organizing, education, etc.?) or are you interested in doing?

3. What do you like best about the conference so far (e.g. a speaker, a workshop topic, networking opportunity, event, other)?

If you chatted with us about working with Gendercast or would like to, see more information here and send us an email at!

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