Join us in a gender exploration.
Episode 22: What IS Masculinity Anyway?

Gendercast Episode 22: What IS Masculinity Anyway?  

Join Jesse and Sean as they* muddle through exploring what masculinity means [and just in case you're wondering - we don't know, nor do we figure it out] and navigating it in the world.  They will discuss the Tarheels and Transfags article to get started and historical butch lesbian/dyke masculinity vs. trans* and genderqueer masculinity coming from being assigned female at birth.   Exploring masculinity through taking hormones, internal gender identity and [perceived] gender expression are some of the terrain they cover. 

*This is a more personal episode for your gendercast hosts and they only speak from their own experiences/narratives.  


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Crappy wiki definition for masculinity so you can see for yourself

The Tarheels and Transfags article by Joshua Bastian Cole we discuss from Beyond Masculinity: Essays by Queer Mean on Gender and Politics and their itunes link here for the articles via podcast

The FAQ: Gay Men and Gay FtMs Redux article from Not Another Aiden: Life of a Non-Standard Gay (trans)Guy where the sissyphobia concept was raised

The Charles Asher video about The Binds of Masculinity

The What Real Men Do youtube video we reference

MAKE A MAN OUT OF YOU! youtube video

Ira Gray's Transgender (Mis)Education article

The Trans Infighting youtube video (it may now be login protected)

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