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Episode 32: Identity Documents 101, QLAW Interview

Gendercast Episode 32: Identity Documents 101, Interview with QLAW Legal Clinic Chair, Denise Diskin

Join Sean and Jesse for an extended (1 hr, 45 minutes!) interview about navigating identity documents, with Denise Diskin. She will takes us through navigating name and gender marker changes on many different identity documents, including Washington driver’s licenses, birth certificates, social security cards, school documents and more.  While many of the processes we outline are King County/Washington specific, we do cover some (United States) federal identity related documents and offer some general tips. 

Please note: This is intended to be mechanical episode to help assist you in getting what you need out of the legal system when it comes to your identity documents.  We do acknowledge this is a Seattle-King County-Washington-United States centric episode, as those are the resources available to us.  

Guest Bio

Denise Diskin volunteers as the chair of the GLBT Bar Association of Washington Foundation (QLaw Foundation)'s GLBT Legal Clinic, where she coordinates a free legal clinic providing 30 minute consultations to queer and trans folks in King County on all sorts of civil legal issues, including advising on identity documents and their legal impact.  In her paid work, she is an attorney with Teller & Associates, PLLC, where she works on behalf of individuals facing discrimination in the workplace, as well as families experiencing divorce and negotiating child custody.  Her practice focuses on furthering the rights of GLBT individuals in the workplace and representing transgender clients and survivors of sex or gender-based harassment.   


QLAW GLBT Legal Clinic facebook page and their phone number is (206) 235-7235

A comprehensive list of the many links mentioned in the episode are all uploaded into a single document here on our Scribd page

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