Join us in a gender exploration.
Episode 28: the GENDER book Project & Debauchery Check-in

Gendercast Episode 28:  The Gender Book Project & Debauchery check-in interviews

Guest Bio

Boston Davis Bostian is a nature poet relentlessly bent on transition. He illustrates, through compositions of color, body, and sound, the unbounded fluidity of experimental gender. He spent 19 remarkable months working on the GENDER book, a fun, beautifully-crafted, community-based resource, which is available online in rough draft form here  by creators Mel Reiff Hill, Jay Mays, and Robin Mack.  

He is the manager/facilitator of, a resource wiki which began as a component of the GENDER book Project for the purpose of giving community the opportunity of co-authoring the full-length version of the GENDER book. is no longer officially affiliated with the GENDER book Project, though a huge fan, always. Boston is currently working on his first poetry collection, TransPoetica_1: The Pre-Op Version, which is the first of a trilogy of poetry manuscripts. Titles for the second and third collections are: TransPoetica_2: The Post-Op Version, and TransPoetica_3: The Final Cut. The trilogy is intended to document Boston’s physical, spiritual, and emotional transition(s) while performing his own personal gender.


the GENDER book here on vimeo

The GENDER book, full book link

Lily Divine Productions/Debauchery Check-in Links

Check-in Guest

Lily Divine Productions website and the July 21 Debauchery Seattle event here and tickets here

Lily Divine Productions is a small non-profit production company committed to cultivating a vibrant and prosperous queer community by:

  • Establishing sex-positive spaces that celebrate the identity and experiences of each person present
  • Supporting the work of queer artists by providing opportunities for performance, shared resources and mentorship of developing artists
  • Connecting our audiences with non-profits providing health and social services within the queer community, and raising funds to support these organizations’ work

Check-in Links

TransActive - Education & Advocacy website here and the In A Bind program 

LGBTQ Intersectional Coping Study at Western Washington University facebook page

and survey website here


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