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Episode 25: Young People's Voices, the B-GLAD Interviews

Gendercast Episode 25: Young People's Voices, the B-GLAD Interviews

Join Gendercast and our former (and very first!) intern, Cat, for our group interviews with some amazing young people who are part of a bright ray of sunshine in east King County (east of Seattle) called B-GLAD.  Listen with us as this group of young people, self-identified BGLADIATORS, tell you their stories and talk about work they are doing as they answer these three questions they  as important topics for Gendercast and our listeners to hear about:

  • What is B-GLAD and what should people know about it?
  • What is it like having a non-binary experience in school and work?
  • What activism/social change are we working on?

Jesse and Sean were glad to be part of these refreshing and honest dialogues, and we are so very appreciate of each and every one of these individual’s willingness and courage to get behind the mic and share their voice.  Special thanks to Kennedy (from episode 5) and Cat for setting up the interview and engaging Gendercast.

B-GLAD Teen Support Group

Bi-Gay-Lesbian Adolescent Drop-In Group is a drop-in support group open to kids ages 12 to 19 who may identify themselves as lesbian gay, bisexual or transgender or who may be questioning their sexuality.  Co-facilitated by trained professionals, the B-GLAD group enables youth to:

  • Meet their peers and share common concern
  • Ask questions in a safe environment
  • Receive information and support in a professional setting that encourages responsible decision-making


Youth Eastside Services B-GLAD website and the B-GLAD brochure

Outspoken LGBT Youth Speaker’s Bureau at the Northwest Network

Three Wings

Queer Youth Space

Youth Suicide Prevention Program

Check-in Links

Being Transgender in America on the MSNBC Melissa Harris-Perry show

Give Big on May 2

Translations - The Seattle Transgender Film Festival May 3rd - 6th, 2012

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