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Episode 24:  Interview with Lucien on Trans* Identity and Sex Work

Gendercast Episode 24:  Interview with Lucien on Trans* Idenity and Sex Work

Join Gendercast co-host, Jesse Lee, for an intimate and stigma-busting interview with Lucien, who shares his story around his trans* gender journey, genderqueer identity, navigating coming out multiple times and his sex work practice.

Guest Bio

Lucien is a 30-year-old transgender male sex worker.  He uses his work as an opportunity to observe and research gender identities, sexuality, and so much more (and to help his clients do so as well).  He stumbled upon this work accidentally, although he realized that it was by no means a coincident.  Participating in the sex trade offers him an experience of a lifetime, a window into the heart of humanity.  It is here that he's found unremarkable truths he would never have anticipated prior to his  work in this industry.  Allow him to share these truths in this podcast, his observations about where the core of humanity exists on its journey toward healing gender and sexuality on this planet.


Lucien's blog on trans male sex work

Sex Worker Outreach Coalition in Portland, OR

SWOP-USA Sex Worker Outreach Project

Best Practices Policy Project (this site also has information on the United Nations acknowledgement of Sex Worker rights that Lucien mentioned)

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