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Episode 14:  Butch Voices National Conference Reflections

Gendercast Episode 14:

Reflections on the 2011 Butch Voices National Conference

Join Jessie as they discuss the 2011 Butch Voices National Conference with Kari Kesler, our guest from Episode 9 on Feminism and Jay Walls, who served the programming chair for the conference. Jessie and Kari provide some reflection and discussion about the charged divisiveness which occurred at the conference in relation to the "Masculine of Center" terminology in the Butch Voices mission statement as well as some women-identified butches forming a split off group, Butch Nation.  Sean weighs in as our resident butch!


Butch Voices mission statement and BV founder Joe LeBlanc's statement about the changes leading up to the conference [includes links to the statements by the president, Krys Freeman]

Brown Boi Project founder's definition of Masculine of Center

Article on the success of the conference published in Oakland North

Velvet Park article where we first read about the controversy before the conference and a good commentary on it from the SugarButch Chronicles blog and the blog post from Kyle's Butchtastic blog we mentioned

Article from the Bay Area Reporter about the town halls at the conference where Jean Cordova and Sasha Goldberg are featured splitting off to form Butch Nation

Blog post from the GenderTrender blog chock full of inaccurate accusations, which was posted after the conference

Checkin Links

Freeing Ourselves: A Guide to Health and Self Love for Brown Bois, the book by the Brown Boi Project, order online here, review here

The Gender Book out of Texas, an excellent Gender 101 resource, check it out!

Trans Bodies, Trans Selves upcoming book and facebook page

Local Events

Join your Gendercast hosts, Sean and Jessie at Twerking in Transilvania by PINK TACO! on Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2011 at the Wildrose Bar in Seattle, WA

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Episode 13:  Reflections on Gender Odyssey 2011

Gendercast Episode 13:  Reflections on Gender Odyssey

Join Jessie and Sean as they discuss their disparate experiences of the Gender Odyssey conference in the context of the new genderqueer track juxtaposed against FTM orientations.  We will reflect on our experience of Chaz Bono's workshop Q&A session as well as Dean Spade's keynote address, which left us in awe and inspired.  We will mention briefly various workshops we attended.

Links and Check-Ins

Dean Spade excerpt on trickle up social justice from the talk Dean gave at Barnard College called Trans Politics on a Neoliberal Landscape

Informed Consent for Access to Transgender Health Care (ICATH) facebook page

Out in Front leadership training in Seattle is still accepting applications for the 2012 class, which starts in September 2011

Gendercast really likes Allyship (facebook here) and the work they are doing and enjoyed attending the 4th annual Queerly Classes Discussion Series

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