Join us in a gender exploration.
Episode 3 Sex, Attraction and Desire

Gendercast Episode 3:

Sex, Attraction and Desire

A special valentine's episode from us to you!  Our take on our gender identity and gender expression though navigating attraction and desire in the romantic sense.  A great episode to get to know us and respond by telling us your experiences!


For Lovers and Fighters by Dean Spade

Links for Check-ins

Workplace Woes:  article discussion, here is the link to the abstract for Do Workplace Gender Transitions Make for Gender Trouble? Article by Kristen Schilt and Catherine Connell. Please email us at if you want us to send you the full article.

Legislation/Law/Policy: On Obtaining a Passport

Debunktion Junction:  What's Your Assumption? on Safer Sex for Transmasculine Community and the Fact Sheet on Transgender Men's HIV Prevention Needs (out of UCSF Center for AIDS Prevention Studies). 

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