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Episode 23: Informed Consent for Access to Trans Health (ICATH)

Gendercast Episode 23:  Informed Consent for Access to Trans Health (ICATH), Interview with Calvin Burnap and A. Canelli

Join Gendercast for an interview with Seattle-based trans advocates and therapists, Calvin Burnap and A. Canelli, who will discuss the informed consent model for accessing trans health and their local and collaborative ICATH project.  Our discussion will cover the importance of self-actualization and autonomy in decision-making (and therapy), rejection of using Gender Identity Disorder (GID) and pathologizing trans* people accessing hormomes or surgery, and the non-proprietary philosophy of ICATH.

Guest Bios

Calvin Burnap is a queer and trans therapist of color in Seattle, Washington, praciticing within a framework of collective healing and empowerment.  He has been wrking as a service provider since 2007 and frames his work towards the liberation of queer and trans people of all ages and expressions of gender.

Canelli is a trans/queer therapist who is also a trans and queer advocate.  Canelli's work is based in Seattle, Washington, but liberation work is portable and can traverse many spaces. 


ICATH website and ICATH facebook page and a recent article about Informed Consent

ICATH providers page, including links to Canelli, and Calvin in Seattle and Talcott* in Olympia

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) website and the Version 7 Standards of Care that were referenced

Some information on Gender Identity Disorder and the facebook petition to remove it from the DSM-V

The Howard Brown Health Center in Chicago that Calvin mentioned and the THinC program for Transgender Health

An article Sean references about the 2002 paper from the International Journal of Transgenderism about how low post-operative regret is amongst trans* folks

*[we apologize for mis-pronouncing Talcott's name]

Check-in Links

Out of Office, the Original Plumbing article Jessie references for Workplace Woes

The Chicago ordinance we mentioned and the article in Stuff Queer People Need to Know 

Join Gendercast for our workshop at 2:15 on Thursday, May 31, 2012 at the Philly Trans Health Conference, which is May 31-June 1

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Episode 22: What IS Masculinity Anyway?

Gendercast Episode 22: What IS Masculinity Anyway?  

Join Jesse and Sean as they* muddle through exploring what masculinity means [and just in case you're wondering - we don't know, nor do we figure it out] and navigating it in the world.  They will discuss the Tarheels and Transfags article to get started and historical butch lesbian/dyke masculinity vs. trans* and genderqueer masculinity coming from being assigned female at birth.   Exploring masculinity through taking hormones, internal gender identity and [perceived] gender expression are some of the terrain they cover. 

*This is a more personal episode for your gendercast hosts and they only speak from their own experiences/narratives.  


Check out our new web url

Crappy wiki definition for masculinity so you can see for yourself

The Tarheels and Transfags article by Joshua Bastian Cole we discuss from Beyond Masculinity: Essays by Queer Mean on Gender and Politics and their itunes link here for the articles via podcast

The FAQ: Gay Men and Gay FtMs Redux article from Not Another Aiden: Life of a Non-Standard Gay (trans)Guy where the sissyphobia concept was raised

The Charles Asher video about The Binds of Masculinity

The What Real Men Do youtube video we reference

MAKE A MAN OUT OF YOU! youtube video

Ira Gray's Transgender (Mis)Education article

The Trans Infighting youtube video (it may now be login protected)

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