Join us in a gender exploration.
Episode 9:  Feminism 101: Roots and Foundations for the Gender Movement

Gendercast Episode 9:

Feminism 101: Roots and Foundations for the Gender Movement

Kari Kesler joins us to give an overview of the first, second and third waves of feminism and to discuss identity, organizing around a shared oppression, the rub between lesbian feminists and transgender, standpoint femimism, women only spaces and the unique experiences transmascluine individuals have that can be the foundation for being great femimists. 


Judith Lorber's Gender Inequality book we pulled our outline of the various waves of femimism from.  Kari pulled from many other resources, including her past teaching of Women's Studies.

Trans FTM WA State Group.

Seattle Frontrunners Run and Walk with Pride event here.

Portland Pride is June 17th through June 19, 2011.

Seattle Pride!  Capital Hill pride on Broadway on Saturday, June 25 and Pridefest in Seattle Center on Sunday, June 26, 2011.

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Episode 8: Self-Care

Gendercast Episode 8:

Self-Care, It's not just about Gender.

We discuss various risk factors trans individuals face in addition to and as part of the stress of everyday life.  We will cover some of our methods of how we take care of ourselves in relation to, and within the context of, having a transgender identity, being a member of the transgender and queer communities, and being a human in general.  We'll cover spiritual practice, self-advocacy, educating about gender, nutrition, exercise, sleep, artistic expression, alternative practices and more.


Register here for the Butch Voices 2011 National Conference, which is August 18th through 21st.  They are also currently accepting proposals if you want to conduct a presentation/workshop for the conference.

The 7 benefits of regular activity from the MayoClinic. 

Beefheads fitness channel and the Seattle Samaraya center, a local yoga resource.

Tips for Health Care Providers for Providing paps to trans men and the information on STD's and HIV risk.

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