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Episode 6:  PUT THIS ON THE {MAP} Part 2

Gendercast Episode 6:

PUT THIS ON THE {MAP}:  Youth Voices

Part 2:  Our Intervew with Quinn and Zane

In part 2 of our focus on youth in March, we hear from Quinn and Zane, two of the youth who were in the PUT THIS ON THE {MAP} documentary.  They talk about their experiences with the film and how life is now. 


Bend it is the youth arts collective Quinn mentions

Diverse Harmony is the gay-straight alliance youth chorus Zane mentions

Camp Ten Trees

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Episode 5:  PUT THIS ON THE {MAP} Part 1

Gendercast Episode 5:

PUT THIS ON THE {MAP} and the Reteaching Gender and Sexuality Campaign

Part 1:  Our Interview with Sid and Kennedy

March marks our month of focusing on queer and transgender youth.  In Episode 5, we embark upon part 1, which is our interview with Sid and Kennedy, the producers and directors of the PUT THIS ON THE {MAP} film about queer youth in East King County.  We also discuss their Reteaching Gender and Sexuality Campaign and national tour.



Reteaching Gender and Sexuality youtube message

Three Wings is a youth-led non-profit organization that was created by Queer Youth Space

The Seattle Pacific University Falcon Letter to the Editor about the Campus Unity Group we discussed

The Transgender Child: A Handbook for Families and Professionals book we discussed in check-ins

Local Events

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