Join us in a gender exploration.

STORIES and QUOTES- Please send them in!

We are gearing up to record our first episode of Gendercast and as a rotating part of the show we will do a list of check-ins that include two topics that need your input. 

Here are two we are hoping to hear from you on!

1) Bathroom buzz - Any story that involves humorous, scandalous, or misfit behavior while trying to use the bathroom.

‎2) Quotes from the binary - Also loosely titled "I can't believe they just said that"
This can be stories/quotes from the cis population or queer that is a bit clueless.
We really want to make this a community show and hope that people will particpate to make this a productive and enjoyable podcast for all of us!

Send all ideas,questions,stories, etc to Sean and Jessie at

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