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supplemental episode (40.5): University of Washington's 2013 Disorientation Radical History Tour of Campus

gendercast supplemental episode (40.5): University of Washington 2013 disorientation

Listen along with the University of Washington's 2013 Disorientation Radical History Tour of Campus. This is a supplemental episode to follow Episode 40 that explores the four different segments of the first UW Disorientation. There is still time to attend the Unconference this Wednesday October 2nd!  

Description of the tour

You’ve been on campus tours to learn about how to get around—but what did you miss? On this tour, we will explore UW’s founding on occupied Duwamish land, student Civil Rights, labor rights and anti-war movements, and the struggle to instate a diversity credit requirement. Come on a walking tour to reimagine our university and help build this counter-history towards local and global human rights, social justice, and solidarity. This tour is part of Disorientation, a radical and progressive introduction to past and present student activism on campus and in Seattle.

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