Join us in a gender exploration.
Episode 39: navigating queerness

Gendercast Episode 39: Navigating Queerness, next steps and inviting you to guide us, join us.

Sean and Jesse are back in Seattle and on the mic together to talk about navigating queerness to discuss varoius topics that have been our our minds as a way to find out what's been on all of your minds?  What have you been thinking about, what's a big topic in your community, what are you organizing around or working on?  What's your activism focused on?  What are you reading about and want to know more about?

We have an online survey for you you to tell us what you want to hear more about.  click here for the survey we briefly cover these topics in this episode and are looking to you to tell us what you want more of!


Hel's Racialicioius article on Macklemore and the follow-up/response article

Feministing article bell hooks on Trayvon Martin and forgiving Zimmerman

Black Girl Dangerous (check them out and follow, BDG is rad!) article on Trayvon

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