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Episode 34:  HRT/Testosterone Discussion & GC Year Two Wrap-up.

Gendercast Episode 34:  Hormone Replacement Therapy/Testosterone Survey and Discussion; Gendercast Year Two Wrap-up.

Join Sean and Jesse for an informal discussion about their various experiences with Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)/Testosterone and hear the results of the recent Gendercast survey about HRT, which includes some of your experiences with testosterone.  We will highlight the amount of variability around how we engage with HRT and the importance of doing what is right for you and your body, including the choice to not engage with hormones at all.  Get to know Jesse and Sean a little better in this episode as they will share some of their backstory and personal experiences with testosterone in an effort to highlight their different narratives.  

This is our final 2012 episode and we wish you all an amazing winter season and appreciate all of you who have listened, interacted, dialogued and supported us!  It's been an amazing two years and we can't wait to bring you more Gendercast in 2013!


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