Join us in a gender exploration.
Episode 20:  Trans Healthcare Part 2 of our Interview with Jennifer Jones-Vanderleest, MD

Gendercast Episode 20: Trans Healthcare and the Medically Assigned Binary, Part 2 of our Interview with Jennifer Jones-Vanderleest, MD

Join us for the second half of our interview with Dr. Jennifer Jones-Vanderleest. 


The Organizing for Transgender Healthcare: A Guide for Community Clinic Organizing and Advocacy from the Transgender Law Center (based in California)

Check-in Links

Transgender in the Workplace: Are People Ready for This? article from Transbliss

City of Seattle Race and Social Justice Initiative conference Jessie reports out on

Why there's no such thing as "Reverse Racism" article we discussed

Sweden keeps forced sterilization law for trans people article from Feministing and a youtube response to it called A Message of Love in Stockholm, Sweden

Massachusetts transgender equality law and don't forgot that public accomodations (bathrooms) are NOT included, see this FAQ

You Don't Get to Tell us When to Be Offended, Rupaul, Rebecco Juro's article in response to Rupaul's use of the word "tranny"

Hot Trans Guys


Brown Boi Project 2012 Application form 

February 5, 2012 Make The Things: A Card Making Party for Prisoners facebook event 

February 25, 2012 "We Are Family" Community Roundtable on the Queer Host Home Model facebook event

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