Join us in a gender exploration.
Episode 19: Trans Healthcare Part 1, Interview with Jennifer Jones-Vanderleest, MD

Gendercast Episode 19:  Trans Healthcare and the Medically Assigned Binary, Interview with Jennifer Jones-Vanderleest, MD

Join us for Part 1 of our interview with transhealthcare provider Dr. Jennifer Jones-Vanderleest.  This interview will be aired in two separated podcast episodes chock-full of great information about both trans specific healthcare and primary care for trans individuals encompassing any sex assigned at birth. 

Jennifer Jones-Vanderleest MD, MPH. Speciality Family Medicine 

Links Jennifer mentions

Southern Arizona Gender Alliance

University of California San Francisco Center for Excellence in Transgender Health

TransYouth Family Allies

Family Acceptance Project

Vancouver Coastal Health Transgender Health Program

Transgender Veterans of America

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